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Today marks the beginning of “Ghana 2014”. The President John Dramani Mahama,has spoken and there is also a goodwill message from his opponent in the last general elections, Nana Akufo Addo from London.

We will all be witnesses in Dec. 2014 what individual resolutions we made for ourselves and an evaluation to that effect.

That I can assure you that I will be on it whether I have ‘likes and shares’ of my post or not; comments are also welcome. Aside my new direction, that has notable pioneers on the social media platform, using facebook to file interesting stuff I find on-line and drawing daily inspiration and motivation from the Vatican also stands the same.

The pages I like on fb mostly of 18+ also stand the same, they are all part of monitoring. And reading and acknowledging post by others is my favorite; mostly ‘likes’ mean “I have read or noticed those posts”. No matter the content of the post. I love meeting people on social media with/without prior-history. I also like ‘healtyplace’.com.

My self-assigned role in “GHANA 2014” is the ‘lay journalist’ asking the important and ‘silly’ questions. There is stuff you think a journalist of my age should know but fortunately/unfortunately I don’t. So what do we do? Research? That is why such questions matter. I have this weird language too. Not enough vocabulary to ‘enrich’ reports. But my aim is to communicate. You can mark my grammar too.

For those who know me at Beach Road/Chapel Hill (Yooyo), and friends who can recall my political views before and during my days with Goodnews FM! And even before then… a ‘quiet’ student-worker lifestyle at Rain Trade Ltd and the Ghana Institute of Journalism and now close to ‘Purple’, at least my political color may soon be a subject for discussion. But that is not the issue. Is it?

Now to all the members in the high ranks of the opposing political divide; you are all running private businesses. Once in the opposition, I assume you run private businesses. Let see the skills in corporate governance at play. There should not be any blame game.

For a long while, some of you limit yourselves to the little profits and live on the ‘stolen funds’ from political appointments and debate on textbook economics for the whole year. You don’t put any ideas into practice.

We need jobs, but most politicians are blinded by their quest for political power and will spend the whole year on media political talk shows, beauty pageants and reality shows and to mention funerals and church fundraisers. It is a certain media encounter on political propaganda or cooling off at the National Theater or the A.I.C.C (The DOME).

Please NPP, CPP, PNC, GCPP, NDP and the others put your knowledge into practice and create more jobs this year. We need private sector jobs and not what you think you can do with GYEEDA or NYEP. Politicians (government/opposition) have keys to so many investment funds for private businesses at the global level but the brains to pull them is under-utilised.

The Economic factors to establish business will be the same (fluctuate) but instead of creating more jobs, politicians are advising graduates to start their own businesses; that is an alternative but is it not too much in our ears? What about you? What are you doing with your CVs with all the political experiences to attract investments into the economy? Does it always have to be illegal like galamsey and drugs?…Oops!!!

NDC is running the government now. We will assess them based on their performance in political governance. Turning things around for Ghana this year may be to the credit of the ruling government as it has always been; but those of us who can read in-between the lines would give respect and recognition where it’s due.

Opposition business should not only be, running shadow government, but also expand business frontiers and speak-up as you go on so that the citizenry would know where/when you need political power to take a certain dimension.

Yes its Ghana 2014, use your skills to overcome the shocks as most of government policies are based on global factors. When government policies seems to retard growth, negotiations with government on a case by case approach drives industry. Being in the same Chamber of Commerce does not mean you can’t compete or keep secrets. Do independent work and let people read from afar, how you came by the success. Speak to your GRA official; ask for a break, evolve a payment schedule, expand your business to meet foreign competition and pay your tax to government later.

Government may not get the tax from a certain corporate entity but then it goes to create more jobs, increase production and meet a certain corporate target. Check corporate expenditure especially at the management level to create more jobs for the larger citizenry at the junior staff level.

Let’s be innovative; in our socio-politico-economic endeavour in GHANA 2014.

By: Joe Bright Nyarko

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