Chairman Ofosu Ampofo arrest:… intimidating tactics of Akufo-Addo

Chairman Ofosu Ampofo arrest:… intimidating tactics of Akufo-Addo

Has our country Ghana descended into a country where selective application of the law has become the norm depending on your political affiliation?  Are we pushing the envelope on the rule of law?  Is the rule of law only applicable when our opponents are the ones said to infringe the law?  Are we becoming so careless with the law, so ridiculously? 

The above questions have become cogent today in our native country Ghana because a government that came into power professing to be a champion of democracy, the rights of people and the rule of law, has from its actions over a period of time, demonstrated to all of us that they only care about rule of law, democracy and individual right only when they are at the receiving end of atrocities carried out against the people under the guise of law.   

Government’s lackadaisical attitude

We are all witnesses to the government’s lackadaisical attitude towards indecorous statements by members of its party – high ranking members who should be the first to uphold the law.  It is no secret that under this Nana Akufo-Addo government, when a well-known member of the NPP went on national television and radio to make real threats against people he presumed are corrupt, it was no issue.

But these people are at the centre of an expose which identifies key members of the government and the President himself as being involved in what might be the greatest political corruption scandal of our time; nonetheless, the government plays the threat down as not worth investigating. 

Even when as a result of this threat, one poor journalist of the Tiger Eye Investigative group which produced the expose is actually murdered in cold blood, nothing is done to this high ranking NPP member simply because he is seen as a real financier and the ‘Achilles heel’ of the party for that matter. 

However, on the pretext of unverified tape recordings of the Chairman of the opposition NDC party, the CID and the whole national security apparatus is unleashed to go after him for some purported indecorous words attributed to him.

A country which claims to adhere to the rule of law, is not selective in who it chooses to charge and prosecute.  We daresay that the only reason the Chairman of the NDC would be facing such a predicament today is only because it lends the government an opportunity to make political capital out of what he is purported to have said. 

Without going into the nitty-gritty of how come the tapes are out there, it also appears that the Akufo-Addo government is so hard pressed to come up with rational reasons for its utter failure to redeem promises as a governing party and wants to go down with the opposition. It is our prediction that the political capital they seek out of this circus, will seriously backfire on them because the people are not asleep.

They know what is going on and they will hold the government accountable. The people want the NDC returned to power in the next general elections which so far has slipped out of NPP hands.

Our democracy is worth protecting

Our democracy has been won on the blood of others and thus we must act at all times to protect it.  We cannot give in to some pseudo-democrats who will resort to obvert and subtle means to pervert the very democracy which our fathers fought for and which has been sustained by the diligence of our people in times of hardship and in joy.  Our democracy is worth protecting. 

According to their own validation test, the cedi has exposed the weak fundamentals our economy is based on and if in spite of tolerating their poor management of the economy, we have to also cope with being made to feel less than human in our own country, then they must be made aware that they have something coming.  We Ghanaians will not stand idly by while our justice system, police system, national security apparatus infiltrated by riff-raffs dressed in SWAT gear go around to torment us. 

Chairman Ofosu Ampofo’s arrest if it was intended to send chills down our spine, has accomplished nothing at all.   What it has succeeded in doing is exposing the true character of the people we are dealing with. 

These are no democrats…they apply the law selectively to intimidate opponents, they are no patriots, they have not the country’s interest at heart and they sadly, understand nothing of the rule of law, otherwise they would not try to apply different standards of law to similar situation.

Lastly if the Akufo-Addo government presumes that through their intimidating tactics they can meander their way back into power at the next elections, they must think again.  Ghana’s economy under their stewardship has exposed them as liars extraordinaire, period. 

 Ghanaians wake up!! Akufo-Addo must go before he destroys our country’s peace and tranquility.

From: NDC Professionals Forum International – North America

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