Press Release: School, Sex and Safety; Nationwide survey launched on International Youth Day

school sex and safety

‘SCHOOLS, SEX & SAFETY’ is a nationwide survey of teenagers in Ghana regarding their sexual security from harassment, abuse, proposals and rape. It is the first of its kind in Ghana. It’s aim is to paint a nationwide picture of sexual safety in schools, and to call for standardized structures to investigate abuses, prevent repeat sexual offenses by teachers, and create a safer environment in Ghana’s schools for students.

The survey was launched on International Youth Day -2019 on the 12th August which had the theme: “Transforming Education”. This nationwide survey recognizes that a transformed education is one where schools are free of sexual abuses by teachers on students. The nationwide survey follows a series of actions and information.


In 2017, the Coalition Against Sexual Abuse embarked on a year-long campaign called ‘STOP SEX ABUSE IN SCHOOLS!’.


In 2019, the Department For International Development (DFID) published findings from research that highlighted there is an economic cost to sexual abuse, violence and harassment. Such actions take a toll on the economy, beyond the cultural issues and approach Ghana takes to such issues.


In 2019, EAA Media Productions did research looking at Ghana’s media reporting on sexual abuse, harassment and rape in schools from 2000 – 2019. It also looked at two decades of research from academic institutions, NGOs, and civil society organizations.

That collective work led to the launch of this nationwide survey. It will be led by EAA Media Productions in partnership with the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), the Coalition Against Sexual Abuse (CASA),

The Safe Space Foundation, Mobile Web and Visuals for Gender, and Dr. Mary Apea Ashun, Head of Ghana International School.

The survey will be conducted over the next 12 months, with results delivered in August 2020.

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