NDC defeatDealing with people who have nothing to lose is always dangerous because their aim is worthless in the eyes of the ‘reasonable’ world hence the need for you to back off from their lane before they drag you into their world of hopelessness.

President Rawlings’s interest in the politics of this country has always been ‘POWER’ ie the ability to control. This is a man who assumed TOTAL POWER AND CONTROL of Ghana in his early 30’s with little experience about “real life and posterity”. History teaches us how he and his wife treated those who disagreed with them and how they ended. So to President Rawlings, if it’s not about his ability to maintain or assume “POWER AND CONTROL”, he will drag and go down with everyone till he get what he want.

Now the Question to the NDC as a party is, what does it want? Is it power to govern the good people of Ghana and save them from the lies, deceit, laziness, over bloated, substandard and total incompetence of this current NPP administration and give back Ghanaians the hope of dreaming and achieving again? Or they just want to direct their strength and resources in fighting Rawlings who currently has nothing to lose?

The core agenda of President Rawlings currently is to smear each and every leader in the NDC who doesn’t play to his gallery with “evil” and drag them to hell with him until his famous “Junior Jesus” title is restored (all hail the saviour). It is a deceptive approach for the NPP to use the back door to power in 2020 at the blind side of the NDC.

The wise men and council of elders in the NDC need to bring to bear their rich experience and maturity to outsmart this strategy by President Rawlings in ensuring the NDC stays completely off the lane of President Rawlings. Indeed, the NDC need to adopt the approach President Mills of blessed memory used in taming President Rawlings. He stayed off his lane even though he was constantly under attack, but made positive remarks about President Rawlings every time he had the opportunity to do so. I recall at a point in time President Mills ordered his appointees and the party as a whole never to respond to President Rawlings but rather stay on the course of delivering the “Better Ghana Agenda”, which he did.

I must be the first to admit that President Rawlings may not wield much power or has little control at the top level of the party, but should not be downplayed in terms of the strength he has on the ground, and that’s what he’s using as his bargaining chip. In as much as Ghanaians vote for so many and complex reasons the Rawlings factor will always play in the hearts and minds of others, and that’s why the NDC must act smart and apply experience and maturity in this dicey moment. Its a chicken and egg scenario to some extent. Lest we forget, its 50+1 and he (Rawlings)maybe the 1 with the 1. Let’s not let egos play but “smartness and maturity”. When the “enemy” smells victory, and sees that he cannot do nothing to stop the victory, he will back down and eat the humble pie. Leave everything to “TIME”.

So my advice to the rank and file of the NDC party is FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!

Lets FOCUS on rebuilding the party from the branch level to the national level. Let’s build the human capacity of our members with compassion and a sense of belonging. Let’s unite for victory 2020.

Still…3y3 zu! 3y3 za!!

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