Crimes: Allow the systems to work

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In a country where the security system seems compromised by the past and present government, it has become thus irrelevant in dealing with state issues pertaining to the murder of Ghanaians.

What most of our leaders do mainly is to interfere with the work of the police and the courts in as much as he/she finds himself in government. It is not supposed to work that way.

Few days after the gruesome murder of Ahmed Hussein-Suale on Wednesday 16th, we keep pointing accusing fingers at some individuals as been the prime suspects to the recent murder. We obstruct justice by diverting the attention and focus of the police by so doing. Surprisingly, the two main political parties, as usual, have started making their usual politics with the entire issue and I know it wouldn’t stop but we will keep making propaganda and politics out of the entire issue and that is what we do and kill investigations from arriving at a reasonable conclusion, thereby leaving the murder case unsolved.

Quite unfortunate is the comment made by a key member of the NDC who at the funeral of Ahmed Hussein Suale pointed accusing fingers and instructed for the arrest of an individual the police have yet not come to a conclusion in their investigations on. The entire Party, however, is also reported to have issued a statement calling for the arrest of the same individual. Though it is political propaganda, two implications can be drawn from such unfortunate comments; (A) it interferes and is liable of obstructing the ongoing investigations by the police and secondly (B) it is also liable of instigating the family of the deceased against the one accused (based on propaganda). I think our leaders do this nation a great disservice when they use such unfortunate incidences as an avenue for political propaganda forgetting that the most important thing to do is to tighten the nation’s security.

In the year 2015, May 20th, the Upper East Regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Adams Mahama (Late), was attacked with acid poured on him in his own car if I very much remember. We did the same by playing politics without addressing that this nation requires a strong security system. 

I keep saying if we had working security cameras (CCTV) installed in the streets, wouldn’t it have been easy retrieving footages and to know easily who poured the acid on the Honourable member or who hired him in arriving at a reasonable conclusion. There have been countless murders in our country which is worth investigating and that requires no interference from social media and politicians. On February 9th, 2016, the murderer of the Abuakwa North MP, J.B Danquah Adu (Late) wouldn’t have been caught if not for his move to selling the mobile phones he stole after stabbing the MP. If there existed strong security systems like effectively working CCTV cameras, footages would have been taken and the suspect picked up for interrogation within the shortest possible time. Recent is the Murder of the Manager of Tema Port public affairs, Josephine Asante who was stabbed in her bedroom.

The point in this article is that it appears the perpetrators of these heinous acts are taking advantage of the nation’s weak security systems perhaps. I urge us to take such incidents seriously devoid of politics because it can happen to anyone. We must do our very best in strengthening our security systems as a nation; if possible, let’s begin my installing CCTV cameras in the big supermarkets and every street. Cameras to capture every corner. 

This should be a collective responsibility because we don’t expect the government to install security cameras in our homes. As individuals, we can also take that responsibility of safeguarding our lives and properties by installing same in our homes. I think this would help put fear in robbers and the killers and curb the rate of murder witnessed in the country. 

Because you might not know who is planning evil against you. Take charge of your life, let’s allow the systems to work and stop obstructing justice with political interference.

By: Emmanuel De-Graft Quarshie | blog:

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