Begging questions for ‘De-Eye’ …”who really is in charge of our government?”

Begging questions for ‘De-Eye’ …"who really is in charge of our government?"
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So, let’s take apart all the makeover arguments being proffered on air and online in an attempt to discredit Manasseh Azure’s recent expose which puts the problem of vigilantism and politics squarely in the lap of the NPP.

 First, they would have us believe this is no vigilante group and that members are poor unemployed Ghanaian youth who are selectively picked and trained to fill specific jobs advertised to the public.  Right?  If that is the case, a simple test should settle that issue.  Give us a list of youth posted and the exact jobs they were posted to. 

Second, they would have us believe that this group has nothing to do with the President or his agenda and that the company De-Eye is a privately-owned entity engage in recruitment services.   Sure.  Quite an argument if you are not smart and deep thinking.  It does fly until they answer this question: “Which private entity hires its personnel along political lines? 

If they want to refute this, they should show us the mix of political party sympathizers employed by this one company.  If they can say that their hires are from a representative cross-section of the Ghanaian public, then they pass that test.  Or do they want us to believe that only NPP unemployed youth deserve to be assisted to find work in Ghana?

Also, if that is the case, then are we to believe that NPP as a party cares only about its own?  That will be a new low if it were the case because when you analyse it, it means if you do not vote for NPP, and you are unemployed at the material moment, then brothers and sisters…you are f*#ked!! BIG TIME; if this government should remain in power for any duration of time.  

As for the attempts to insulate the President from this group and its “owner”, this is perhaps the most fantastical spin anyone could buy into.  Look at it this way:  per the Information Minister’s publicized account, Mr. WIREKO ADDO, left the employ of the President sometime in 2010 and had no contact with the President since then.  What he does not dispute however is more telling.  The gentleman has no connection with the President but he heads a task force that reports to and is located at the President’s Office. 

More than that, Mr. Addo engages is operations which warrant the government giving him an office in the Presidency Annex – the Osu Castle, which until recently was the seat of government.  Interesting eh?  Are we stupid or what?  Even if he had no personal contact with the President, his directives must have emanated from him or one of his advisors which right there implicates the President.  The counter argument to this also does not hold water. 

For instance, did this man and his operations attract any budgetary allocation?  If it did, under whose authority was the allocation made?  If it was not under a budget line, then how did he qualify to be assigned an official “office” at the Presidency?  Who gave the authorization?  Whom did he report to?  And how come the President was out of the loop in the decision making?  If the President was outside the decision-making loop, then who was and how come they came to make the decision without referring to the President or one of his immediate advisors? 

Inapt defense by Oppong Nkrumah

Again, that very scenario leads to something even more serious and scary?  If that is the fact that budget lines are opened in the name of the President without his knowledge or without him being informed or copied, then it leads to the question; “who really is in charge of our government?” And if this possibility is real then how can we trust that they are not misapplying Presidential Authority to settle personal scores?  Really? 

The sterile and inapt defense put up by Kojo Oppong Nkrumah makes one wonder whether if he is so dumb as to put out such nonsense as he had published under his name, does he think that all Ghanaians are also dumb ‘a**es’ like himself? 

Clearly, he is eager to deserve his position as Information Minister so he goes out to do a hatchet job on a well research piece of work by…up until now…a star NPP journalist who never fails to declare his admiration of the current President.  Kodjo Oppong Nkrumah must in deed be the most obtuse person to occupy that post if he thinks his juvenile arguments swayed any of us. Nana Addo, if you must do with such mediocrity, then you are really in sh*t boo!! 

Now let’s proceed further on the arguments they are putting out there.  You see, this government is so full of itself it cannot differentiate fact from fiction.  The fiction that the NPP is not encouraging violence and usurping police powers is one that can be believable to just the hardcore NPP followers. 

The fact is that we have seen, over the past two years, vigilante activity gradually increasing in violence with the innocents being shot and maimed.  The is also the vast majority of vigilante action over this time period committed by NPP leaning groups.

So, if this problem is to be addressed properly, NPP will have to own up to its responsibilities to the state and disband its myriad vigilante groups. It is a disgrace to us in the diaspora and we think those at home feel it too.

By: NDC Pro-Forum International – North America

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