Canadian women found; where are our missing Taadi girls?

Canadian girls kidnappers
Suspected Kidnappers of two Canadian girls

‘Bravo’ to the security operatives in the country for saving the President and the entire population from further international disgrace.

Rescuing the two Canadian women within a short period of time deserves some accolades.

The two Canadian women were volunteers with an international development organization before they were abducted in Kumasi; the second largest city in the country on June 4, 2019.

Taadi kidnapped girls
The Missing Girls

As we applaud the security operatives for a successful operation; #BringBackOurTaadiGirls who went missing in August 2018.

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, our able Information Minister has cleared the air that no foreign security operative was involved in the operation which led to the rescue of the two women.

If the security apparatus in Ghana can rescue abducted Canadian women within a week, what is preventing them from rescuing our Taadi girls?

What mechanisms did the security operatives use in the search for the Canadian women? And why haven’t they used same in the search of our very own three ‘Taadi’ girls?

We have three major security protocols in the country; the Defence, Interior and National Security yet they have not been able to locate our girls.

However, in the case of these Canadian women, these agencies saw the need to collaborate in order to get good results.

They were able to gather intelligence, acted swiftly and rescued the foreign nationals.

So we ask; why they haven’t done same in search for our girls?

Should we conclude that our government in one way or the other does not want to bite the hand that feeds it hence worked extra hard to ensure the rescue of the two Canadian women?

Why is the Minister for Information Kojo Oppong Nkrumah encouraging the media and commentators to be circumspect in public commentary on security matters in order not to compromise other related operations.

Is it because of our skin colour?

Mr. President, Hon. Minister for the Interior, Hon. Minister for Defence, National Security Operatives, if collaboration in the rescue of the two Canadian women has ended up with good result, then same can be done in the search for our three Taadi girls.





By: Theresa Adezewa Ayittey

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